Digital Marketing Millennials Era

Millennials are defined as people born in between the years of 1982 and 2000, they are the generation that experienced technology innovation first hand. Millennials are a constant topic of conversation whether it is in the workplace, technology and trends. In digital marketing it is no different, many strategies and methods are being shaped by millennials. 2017 has continued to show the shift millennials are having, now is the time to familiarise yourself with Millennials concepts and its effects for your digital marketing campaigns.


Unaware Digital Marketers

Millennials are a generation of digital strategists and content editors, even if they don’t realise it. While they may be actively seeking more real experiences online, they have learned to be exceptionally calculated in how they present their personal brand, creating strict strategies around how, when and where they are seen.

Millennials have been the generation that have shaped social media as such, they have become adept at fragmenting their identities. Cultivating multiple digital personas depending on the platforms used and the result they want to elicit from sharing their content.

Content Obsessed and Engaged

According to Hub spot millennials spend at least 25 hours per week online and engage mostly with content rich media. They spend time online discovering new websites, blogs and social media, they want to share, like and repost the content to their online network. Authentic and organically created content are key, millennials have strong eye for noticing the differences. It is important when making content that is either targeted or on topics of interest for millennials, that creators understand this.  In this day and age, the young consumers purchasing behaviour is heavily inspired by people they know in person or strangers they have connected with on social media whom they share mutual interests. They carry these “advisors” with them on their smartphones wherever they go.


People of the ages of 18 – 34 right now value more of content when coming from peers, offering content worth sharing builds a real brand-consumer relationship. Organic content that is created with interest of readers in mind rather than pushing a buy agenda, is more successful amongst millennials. Millennials value brands that offer transparency, originality and creativity in their content. Hostel World recent advertising campaign is prime example, use of genuine travellers’ feedback along with celeb influencer’s endorsements have been viral.


Entertainment and Collaboration are Key

Millennials want to have their say projected, brands that have been able to use customers’ engagement have had success of this. Nike implemented Nike Id for customers’ product customisation, Coca Cola used online co-creation to gather expressions and Taylors of Harrogate’s ran interactive Facebook video ad campaigns. Utilising collaboration and interaction builds relationship with consumers where they’re self-expression is being used to establishing their own personal brand experience.

Source: Millennial Marketing

In the same breath its important brands understand millennial value fun and enjoyment highly, so its vital customers experiences with brands are memorable. Millennials are known to use online shopping as form of entertainment. For example, 40% of millennials are make a wish list of products they want to buy.  Which is why social media sites like Pinterest have spawned out of these interests and are heavily targeted by online retailers who want to bridge the gap of shopping and browsing out of interest. These creates a formula where brands can capitalize on entertaining consumers and marketing their products in unique ways.

Guide on YouTube Adverts Costs

YouTube is the second largest search engine only to Google, it provides a great platform to engage with people with its billions of users. YouTube ad platform

YouTube is the second largest search engine only to Google, it provides a great platform to engage with people with its billions of users. YouTube ad platform provides affordable and flexible campaigns for creating adverts. YouTube is host to billions of daily viewers, it is arguably the new digital TV. YouTube has incorporated Google AdWords which is made advertising video content on YouTube now easier and more affordable than ever.

Before you get started it’s important to understand the different types of YouTube Ads.

Video Ad Types

In-search – Your ad shows up above the YouTube search results.

In-browse – Your video ads show on Google network websites

In-stream – Your ad plays before you can watch your video

The pricing of the ads vary per the unit, on average the cost-per-view (CPV) ranges between £0.10 – £0.30 with In-stream at the higher end of cost and In-search at the lower. YouTube CPV systems is set up to encourage affordable daily ad spending. Views on ads are only charged if viewers watched for over 30 seconds (only if the video is longer than 30 seconds in total) or the duration of the video. Ad views count towards the overall video views, which means you don’t have to pay to generate views from people who aren’t interested instead you pay for people who are. YouTube provides effective target segmentation, which ads can be tailored to. The more target focussed ads incrementally acquire more cost compared to broad ads. Which is worth it as the video is being watched by the people it’s made for.


Film trailer biggest views come from Ads, which is big factor in building buzz for their launches.


YouTube costs are very flexible, which is beneficial for getting started as spending can be capped and raised the more comfortable users feel. YouTube also provides the recommendation budget which is helpful in seeing what can be expected to spend and the difference in view predications. It’s important to take the recommendation with caution as YouTube tends recommend higher spending.

Create Your Brand

YouTube is a great place to engage and raise awareness for your business, there is no specific recipe to create an impressive video ad that can impress viewers. These impressions build an established and trusted brand identity to viewers. It doesn’t take a film production company to create a good video content, YouTube is constantly making it easier for ads. It has never been a better time to put your company out there capitalising on all things you have to offer.

YouTube is incorporated with AdWords which has made making campaigns, managing budgets and targeting much easier. More support is given on viewing engagement and ad analytics.

Written by Michael Mutemererwa

If you would want to launch Video Ads of your own on YouTube but are unsure of how to do so. Get in touch with us here at Consult Believe, we specialise in SEO, PPC and Digital Marketing.

Kickstart Your Company LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn has become social Phenom for professionals and companies. It provides a great platform from people to see what’s going on with their university classmates, engage in industry discussions and find job vacancies. Here’s crash course on getting started on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn currently has more than 467 million users worldwide

  1. Accurate Company Details

When creating your companies LinkedIn profile it’s important you are displaying the right information from the get go. Make sure your address, company description and employee counts are up to date. Make sure to give your company an accurate, insightful and personal description, LinkedIn users will use this as snapshot summary of your company and what makes it unique.

  1. Make Use of Your Employees

LinkedIn connects your employees with your company profile, therefore it is important all your current employers have a LinkedIn profile and have your company listed as their current employers. These helps adds authenticity to your company profile, which will help getting people to follow you.

  1. Added Quality Content

A crucial reason behind people following company profiles is their interest in what’s going on with the company, specialist advice articles and job vacancies. It is crucial before you begin promoting the account that there is content for people to engage with, avoid creating a profile that serves as plain business directory.

  1. Provide Visuals on Profile

In LinkedIn profiles with photo profile pictures are more likely to be seen, it’s the same for company profiles. Its great chance to show your company logo and livery, which in return can help build your company brand. Articles with photos are more likely to engage viewers and showing snippets of your company offices or personnel’s provides great valuable insight for followers.

  1. Create Links for Website

If your company already possess a website you can promote content on your website on LinkedIn, this will get more people on your website which will have more insights for your business services. For SEO it helps using the same keywords across your website and LinkedIn to get more followers and site traffic.

  1. Find Industry Groups

LinkedIn provides a transparent platform for people of industry to create and engage industry discussions. Take advantage of this, get vital information that can impact your business and build strong networks with individuals and companies.

  1. Stay Constant

Like most things the more use the better you’ll get at it, it is important you keep at it with LinkedIn keep posting, keep up to date with trending topics and engage with followers. It is important empathize your employees like and share your posts, it’s the most simple and effective organic way to build following


Landing Page Tools

Landing Pages and why they matter

In an internet world rotating around e-commerce, SEO, PPC and digital marketing a constant buzzword mentioned is landing page, but what does it really mean? Well landing page by Google’s definition is a final place where people are taken when they click your ad. So this can be a sign up, app download or newsletter page. The major significance behind the landing page is its impact on conversion rates and keywords quality score. Understanding the fundamentals of what makes a good landing page can increase the ROI of your online advertising presence.


For landing pages it goes without saying that not only do you need content you need accurate, informative and persuasive content. Whether you’re a beginner or expert in web development following Google Quality Score as a guide to creating your landing page is necessary.
Key factors for Landing Pages are:

  • Site Navigation difficulty
  • Original and relevant page content
  • Ads relevance to landing page
  • Page transparency


whether you run a site for business, apps or blogging there are countless tools on offer on the internet that can make improving your landing page much easier. Before picking a tool take into considerations;

  • Pricing – many tools that charge provide services, others offer for free
  • Ease of use – a good match of complexity and ease of use is a winning formula
  • Website integration – being able to use an existing page can be a big advantage
  • Free trail option – this helps seeing for yourself if the tool is worth paying for
  • Split A/B testing – this very important as it lets test variety versions of landing pages to asses which is best
  • Analytics – tools that provide analytics can help you find what is working for you and why
  • SEO – tools that offer SEO service integrate keywords campaigns effortlessly

Below we looked at four of the most popular landing page tool websites and assessed their value and suitability for start-up websites.

Instapage Launchrock Unbounce Kickofflabs

Per month

$29 – $55 – $127 0 – $5 $29 – $99 – $199 $39 – $79 – $149
Ease of Use Relatively easy

Template based variety of websites.

Medium, more restricted and technical, Relatively easy to use, good variety of editing options Relatively easy to use, good variety of options
Websites Integration High, template and scan existing sites. Low, template or start from scratch. High, template based but can use existing page High, template based but can use existing page
Free Trail Options 30 Day Trail membership Basic account is free Free Demo account option 30 Day free trail membership
Split A/B Testing
SEO services
Comments Very inviting professional quality of tools and services. Suits bigger companies or users with disposable capital. Very short and sweet of tool provided, ideal for SME’s or independent users. Very easy on the eyes and offers 3rd party integrations.

Ideal for SME’s and independent user too.

Nice on the eyes and can be specific for user purpose. Suits established companies with capital.


Bottom Line

In business terms, havung an effective lnding page can save you a lot of money on Adwords budget spend and increase your chances of getting business from potential customers. This is vital for all website creators whether for online sales, apps or blog.