Search Engine Marketing: Specialist SEO Techniques That Still Work In 2017

No one is going to question the stress and hard work that goes into mastering the Google SERPs, but even with the threat of Google’s recent Penguin 4.0 algorithm breathing down our necks, there are a few tried and tested ways that we SEOs can still pick up links honestly without occurring the wrath of the Google beast.

The days of keyword heavy link-building are long gone and are more likely to get your site penalised these days, but several safe tactics remain and they are an important part of achieving good, honest ranking in 2017. Here is Consult Believe’s guide to the top 5 ways to build links via an honest approach to search engine marketing.

Specialist Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has taken a bit of flack recently amid claims that it’s no longer an effective practice for SEO due to widespread posting of spammy content by bloggers who accept content from businesses irrelevant to their site. However, the truth is there’s nothing wrong with blogging on third party sites as long as a legitimate and worthwhile reason exists for doing so.

As long as you are posting on websites with a clear, strong relevance to your industry and are doing so without using spammy anchor, there is nothing wrong with guest blogging. After all, sharing content is still within the Penguin algorithm rules.

The Penguin algorithm is now stronger than ever for rooting out content that falls short of legitimacy. To be sure you are posting on relevant sites, simply review the website’s recent posting material and consider whether it’s relevant to your industry and target audience. Also assess whether the content previously posted is of good quality. Also be sure to review the site’s technical performance, specifically in regards to domain authority and page-rank which can determine strength.

Great site copy

While guest blogging certainly retains much of its power and usefulness, there is nothing as effective as producing high quality natural content on your site. When you write good original copy that engages audiences you can be sure that regular reposts and client interest will come to you, as long as you undertake a small amount of self-promotion, as this too is part of a good strategy for search engine marketing.

Specialist content for your audience

The inclusion of content that appeals directly the target audience of your site, with statistics and facts that support your writing, makes for a unique approach to your chosen subject matter that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Social Media

Although Google insists the links generated by social media is not an inherit part of its current assessment, there can no longer be any denying that social media is absolutely vital for the running of an effective SEO campaign. Building a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will generate so much more promotion for your site that it’s common sense for effective SEO.

When you publicise your own top quality content on social media channels, the reposts on other sites are going to generate invaluable organic links back to yours that will give your site a natural boost in any search engine. Marketing specialist content relevant to your industry has also never been easier thanks to the social sharing buttons that you can include on your homepage (see below).




One sure way to grab the attention of potential customers is to use infographics; a form of graphic design image promoting your business via entertaining and informative information; a particularly effective way to engage audiences.

Building an infographic is not a difficult process if you’ve got access to the skills of a good web developer at your disposal. But even if not, the average design company specialising in infographic creation usually charges just £90 per image, which when considering the widespread reach that an engaging infographic can generate through reposting is excellent value for money.

Share reviews

An often overlooked means of driving natural traffic to your site is to encourage your previous clients to submit reviews and testimonials for inclusion on your site. Users often search for reviews before making a commitment to a website. An honest and good review has the potential to drive interest higher than other marketing methods.

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