Googles New ‘People also asked’ Feature

After months of testing and variations from last year November, Google have now gone live with the new feature ‘People Also Asked’. The feature is activated when a search is done on google, among the results there will be a box of similar searched suggestions. Why does this matter? In the world of SEO almost all of Googles update have a knock on effect. For SEO this will change how people search and how often they might need to.

Why it Matters for SEO

The feature dominantly occurs for the popular and often searched queries, while the feature related questions are sourced from popular websites. For SEO marketers it is important to note that these related questions answers are from high quality and authority websites. For example below, anew feature answers came from a content filled science page and well established scholars Harvard and BBC.


An Example,
Of how crucial it is how your content is presented and where it is. You need to have clear questions and answers in the text


Google algorithm for the feature searches is not clear yet but its clear quality matters. The more clear, well-structured and informative the content, the more sense it is for Google to choose it over other websites. Adapting to this feature provides the benefits of more exposure to similar query topics, drive more organic traffic and attracting links to website. Trying to keep up to date to how the features algorithm works will have its hits and misses, but in the long run it’s worth the effort.

Tools to Adapt to Features

To filter out your keywords and identify those triggering the new feature, SERPstat provides keyword research tools innovative functionality.
It is important note that the new feature does not show for every query, it is largely restricted to the most general and searched terms.
To Access the filter:
Click “Organic queries” -> Expand “Filters” -> Check the box “Also ask for”

Written by Michael Mutemererwa
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