Kickstart Your Company LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn has become social Phenom for professionals and companies. It provides a great platform from people to see what’s going on with their university classmates, engage in industry discussions and find job vacancies. Here’s crash course on getting started on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn currently has more than 467 million users worldwide

  1. Accurate Company Details

When creating your companies LinkedIn profile it’s important you are displaying the right information from the get go. Make sure your address, company description and employee counts are up to date. Make sure to give your company an accurate, insightful and personal description, LinkedIn users will use this as snapshot summary of your company and what makes it unique.

  1. Make Use of Your Employees

LinkedIn connects your employees with your company profile, therefore it is important all your current employers have a LinkedIn profile and have your company listed as their current employers. These helps adds authenticity to your company profile, which will help getting people to follow you.

  1. Added Quality Content

A crucial reason behind people following company profiles is their interest in what’s going on with the company, specialist advice articles and job vacancies. It is crucial before you begin promoting the account that there is content for people to engage with, avoid creating a profile that serves as plain business directory.

  1. Provide Visuals on Profile

In LinkedIn profiles with photo profile pictures are more likely to be seen, it’s the same for company profiles. Its great chance to show your company logo and livery, which in return can help build your company brand. Articles with photos are more likely to engage viewers and showing snippets of your company offices or personnel’s provides great valuable insight for followers.

  1. Create Links for Website

If your company already possess a website you can promote content on your website on LinkedIn, this will get more people on your website which will have more insights for your business services. For SEO it helps using the same keywords across your website and LinkedIn to get more followers and site traffic.

  1. Find Industry Groups

LinkedIn provides a transparent platform for people of industry to create and engage industry discussions. Take advantage of this, get vital information that can impact your business and build strong networks with individuals and companies.

  1. Stay Constant

Like most things the more use the better you’ll get at it, it is important you keep at it with LinkedIn keep posting, keep up to date with trending topics and engage with followers. It is important empathize your employees like and share your posts, it’s the most simple and effective organic way to build following


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