Forget what you were told, Mobiles are taking Over!


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In the constantly evolving sector of digital marketing and E-commerce, trends and shifts have shown no sign of slowing down. In the same regard technology waits on no man, neither does consumers. Mobile devices are sweeping the market as constant figures and statistics show consumers are searching, contacting and purchasing from them more than ever. The Global Web Index showed that despite PC/laptop still being the most dominant device to search the internet 80% of internet users owned and used a smart phone to search the web. Deloitiite 2016 Mobile consumer report identified smartphone ownership has reached an unprecedented peak, currently 81% of UK adults owns mobile devices. This has resulted increasing trends of consumers online purchasing increasingly being done via smartphone and tablets. Deloiite 2016 survey identified the most popular preference for online shopping to be via smartphone (27%) then joint secondly tablet and laptop (15%).

Benefits of adapting to mobile/rewards 150

Technology is an industry that holds little sentimental value on tradition, remember cassette tapes? Businesses do not always need to arrive first in a market to be effective but ready to react quickly enough. Many online businesses are yet to respond fully to the market as PC/laptop website traffic is still dominate. According to Criteo by the end of 2015 the mobile share of global e-Commerce was over 40% it stands to rise to 70% in 2017. Studies from eMarketer on Mobile Ad spending forecast over the next 3 years mobile ad spending will go from $40.5 bn to $65.8 bn in 2019. You have to ask yourself can your business afford to fall behind to all this? Understandably it can be perceived more difficult to create and manage multi-channel platform of websites, to cater to mobiles and tablets screens. These difficulties are currently seeing ROI as Google found 85% of online shoppers start a purchase on one device and finisher on another. Even so, multi-channel shoppers shop more often and often spend 3 times more than single channel shoppers. People aren’t just viewing more on their mobile they are living on there.

Google change in tracking of mobile devices 150 

Google are more than aware of the changing landscape and now offer services such as Google Analytics Segments which track traffic, new users and conversion rates statistics coming in on each device. Google also offer browser performance which help spots problems people have with certain browsers and categories device and browsers user combinations. This guides testing for adapting mobile site redesigns, for example ensuring iPhone users receive the best quality of Safari browsers. This increase of engagement through mobile devices have forced the need for this increased support and tracking. It doesn’t end there either, Google have just announced from February 2017 ad call extension will automatically be added to mobile search ads. With Google estimating mobile search engines to drive nearly 33 billion clicks-to-call to business globally. In the same breath location-targeted mobile ad revenues are expected to see a growth from $4.3bn in 2014 to a staggering $18.2bn in 2019.

Best Practice Tips for Mobile PPC

  • Optimize for mobile experience start to finish, influx off different mobile sites mean consumers are quick to move off sites their mobile devices struggle to navigate.
  • Enable ad extension across your campaigns, the extensions are simple to set up and display. The have big impact paid search performance and from February 6th will be automatically added to mobile searches.
  • Use action-oriented keywords to encourage quick customer decision making, broad keywords are very effective in mobile
  • Incentivize mobile searchers with timely offers and calls to action ads.
  • Tailor your mobile campaigns with dayparting, this AdWords feature lets you define when you want your campaign to be active, e.g. running ads for your restaurant after work hours.
  • Analyze your performance, continue testing and constantly optimize

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