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Landing Pages and why they matter

In an internet world rotating around e-commerce, SEO, PPC and digital marketing a constant buzzword mentioned is landing page, but what does it really mean? Well landing page by Google’s definition is a final place where people are taken when they click your ad. So this can be a sign up, app download or newsletter page. The major significance behind the landing page is its impact on conversion rates and keywords quality score. Understanding the fundamentals of what makes a good landing page can increase the ROI of your online advertising presence.


For landing pages it goes without saying that not only do you need content you need accurate, informative and persuasive content. Whether you’re a beginner or expert in web development following Google Quality Score as a guide to creating your landing page is necessary.
Key factors for Landing Pages are:

  • Site Navigation difficulty
  • Original and relevant page content
  • Ads relevance to landing page
  • Page transparency


whether you run a site for business, apps or blogging there are countless tools on offer on the internet that can make improving your landing page much easier. Before picking a tool take into considerations;

  • Pricing – many tools that charge provide services, others offer for free
  • Ease of use – a good match of complexity and ease of use is a winning formula
  • Website integration – being able to use an existing page can be a big advantage
  • Free trail option – this helps seeing for yourself if the tool is worth paying for
  • Split A/B testing – this very important as it lets test variety versions of landing pages to asses which is best
  • Analytics – tools that provide analytics can help you find what is working for you and why
  • SEO – tools that offer SEO service integrate keywords campaigns effortlessly

Below we looked at four of the most popular landing page tool websites and assessed their value and suitability for start-up websites.

Instapage Launchrock Unbounce Kickofflabs

Per month

$29 – $55 – $127 0 – $5 $29 – $99 – $199 $39 – $79 – $149
Ease of Use Relatively easy

Template based variety of websites.

Medium, more restricted and technical, Relatively easy to use, good variety of editing options Relatively easy to use, good variety of options
Websites Integration High, template and scan existing sites. Low, template or start from scratch. High, template based but can use existing page High, template based but can use existing page
Free Trail Options 30 Day Trail membership Basic account is free Free Demo account option 30 Day free trail membership
Split A/B Testing
SEO services
Comments Very inviting professional quality of tools and services. Suits bigger companies or users with disposable capital. Very short and sweet of tool provided, ideal for SME’s or independent users. Very easy on the eyes and offers 3rd party integrations.

Ideal for SME’s and independent user too.

Nice on the eyes and can be specific for user purpose. Suits established companies with capital.


Bottom Line

In business terms, havung an effective lnding page can save you a lot of money on Adwords budget spend and increase your chances of getting business from potential customers. This is vital for all website creators whether for online sales, apps or blog.


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