How to market a business using Instagram

Why use Instagram?

Instagram first launched in 2010 and immediately grew a monumental following with over 400 million active users 4 years after its launch. Therefore, it has become no surprise that business owners and marketers alike have tapped into the world of Instagram to expand brand exposure. So how does Instagram’s post engagement compare with other social media accounts like twitter and Facebook? Well Instagram’s posts generate a per-follower engagement rate 4.21%, which is 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter.

How to get started with Instagram?

First, you need to set up an account with a user name and password. You want to use your business name as it shows up exactly, if Instagram doesn’t let you do this try making it as close as you can to the name of the business.

Make sure that your business account is entirely different from your personal one, you don’t want that picture of your hot dog legs when you sunned it up in Marbella on there!

What to do next after you created your profile?


Great, you set up an account on Instagram! Now you want to connect your audience with new and exiting content so maybe start your post with a great new lauch image to get your face out there.

#The power of the hashtag!

Remember that Hashtags are important, only use specific ones relatings to your brand and only include a few.

Now star liking other brands! It is important to interact with other people. If you liked and engaged with someone’s post then they will start to notice you, they will then click on your site and potentially like your page. Check out who is popular and trending and use the same hashtag that correlate to their brand, this will link back to your page when people click on those hash tags.

But remember that when you post things out stay consistent and relevant to the brand’s vision, also ensure that the business logo is the same on all social media platforms that you manage.


Interact and engage with likers

This seems like an obvious point, but take some time out to respond to people. If someone say writes a compliment in the comment section, then just say thank you; it lets people know that you care about their opinions. If people, see the effort level on your part then they will respond better to your brand. Also, if someone mentions you share that post, make them famous!

A picture paints a thousands words

Instagram is a picture based form of social media, so you need to make sure you send out incredible awe inspiring photographs that will guarantee likes  and comments. Per research we are twice as likely to like, share or comment on visual content, 90% of what our brand processes is visual so post out some great pictures.

So, what makes a stand out photo on Instagram?

Offer Promotion and Exclusive Announcements to Followers

Why not increase the number of followers with offers or rewards, or exclusive announcements? By doing this you are rewarding followers for their loyalty, but also offering exclusive news makes your followers feel special. In a study of Instagrammers, 41% stated that would follow or unfollow brands to take advantage of perks or giveaways, so if you can add incentives to increase following do it!

Best times to post

And lastly, post at the right times to get the most out of your posts! The best times to post for Instagram is not specific, but try and post morning, lunch and after 5pm this is when the highest frequency of Instagrammers are online!

The highest frequency times are:


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