Whistleblowing is the act of reporting workplace wrongdoing. It is protected by law so that worker employment rights are maintained in the face of unjust retaliation from employers and co-workers.

This legislation allows for a worker to make a ‘protected disclosure’ that prevents dismissal or detriment towards them. This right is granted from the moment employment begins.

The Employment Rights Act 1996 and Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 grant whistleblower protection for all UK workers across all sectors, except those who are self-employed.

As long as there is good reason to do so, anyone in the workplace can make a disclosure, from employers to employees.

All potential whistleblowers should ensure they have justified legal grounds for speaking out. This can include the following:
a) Failure to comply with legal obligation(s)
b) Endangering worker(s) health or safety
c) Miscarriage of justice
d) Criminal offences
e) Environmental damage
f) Deliberate hiding of wrongdoing

Before legal help is requested there are certain actions that should be followed: