About Chinese Herbal Medecine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the great herbal traditions of the world and has been practiced for over 2000 years. It is a complete medical system capable of treating a wide range of conditions. In China, it forms part of official healthcare and is provided in state hospitals alongside modern medicine.

Your individual formula

Chinese herbs are usually prescribed in a formula or mixture, to take account of your symptoms and also their underlying causes. I will make a diagnosis from your case history and as your treatment progresses this formula may be renewed as it stands, or adjusted to address any changes which may have taken place.

Your herbal formula will usually be taken as a warm drink, often made from dried powdered herbs, but where necessary made from raw herbs which have been boiled. For most conditions, powdered herbs are both suitable and convenient, though raw herbs are undoubtedly better for some conditions.

For more information about Chinese herbs and conditions which they are known to benefit, go to www.rchm.co.uk


I am a fully trained Chinese herbalist and a member of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM), the main professional body for UK-trained Chinese herbalists.  All members are bound by strict codes of conduct and ethics, which are set out on the RCHM's website, and are fully insured.  I provide careful diagnosis and prescribing, frequent monitoring and fully professional treatment.

RCHM members must buy and prescribe only herbs which are:

* from a supplier approved by the RCHM, ensuring that all herbs are from traceable sources and unadulterated * free of endangered plant or animal species * free of animal or mineral content

For more indformation ore discuss to your treatment

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