Acupuncture treatment - what to expect

First session

At your first consultation, I will take a full case history, asking about your medical history, lifestyle, diet, digestion and sleep, as well as taking your pulse and looking at your tongue.  With this information, I will make a diagnosis and begin treatment. Your consent will be sought for every procedure, however minor.

The treatment:

I might ask you to remove some clothing, not necessarily in the area of your complaint: for example, to treat headache I might insert needles in the feet. The single-use, sterile needles are extremely fine, and barely felt when they penetrate the skin. When a point is stimulated by the needle, you  may briefly feel a tingling sensation or a dull ache.  Needles may be inserted and quickly withdrawn, or may remain in place for a short period.

Frequency of treatment

Each person is considered unique in Chinese Medicine, so the duration and frequency of treatment varies. I usually suggest an initial course of weekly treatment for 5-6 weeks, as the effect is cumulative and this allows us to monitor your progress at each consultation and modify your treatment as necessary.Many people continue to have an acupuncture treatment every few months after their initial complaint has resolved, in order to maintain their improved health.

For more information or discuss to your treatment call me on my mobile 07784 017807 or landline, 0117 924 1188